National Board of Open School, India. 

Was envisaged as a comprehensive instructional delivery institution that offered the liberty to students to get education without the bottleneck of attending daily classes. We have succeeded in creating a distance education program as a planned extended learning endeavor. NBOSI, has gained an expertise in delivering instructional resources and thereby providing opportunities to students located away from the organization. 

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Chairman Message. 

National Board of Open School, INDIA has been established with the aim of providing education for all at their door steps and consequently achieve the target of 'universalization' of education' at the school level. the main target group is those individuals, who have not been able to enroll in the formal system or have dropped out due to some reason or the other especially females, rural youth and working people.

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Affiliation and Accreditation. 

NBOS Inida is Internationally Recognized, 

We are glad to inform you that NBOSI is Fully Accredited by International Association for Distance Learning, and Govt Approved. 

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